Alt Studio | PROGRAM
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Students will receive instruction in Film/Video, Still Photography, Italian Cinema History, and Audio for the Moving Image from a talented and unique group of faculty, all working professionals, in intimate workshops.

Both technical and critical guidance will be offered. Guest artists in both Video and Photography will offer special insight. A major influence is the total immersion in the culture of Italy.

The student will live and work in an incredibly unique environment in the heart of one of the most special places on earth: Tuscany. The student artist can respond, adjust, record, and create, all influenced by the rich sensory input of the timeless surroundings.

Alt Stuido is a 501C3 Not for Profit Educational Institution registered in the State of New York. All tuition goes toward scholarships, housing and program expenses in the US and Italy.

  • WEEK 1

    The Gori Collection

  • WEEK 2


  • WEEK 3


  • WEEK 4


  • WEEK 5