Alt Studio | FAQs
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1a.”What is the cost of program tuition?”

  • 5750.00, Normal, Ends February 15
  • 6000.00, Late, Ends April 30 (based on availability)


1b.”What is included in the cost of tuition?”
Instruction, accommodation, studio space, and local travel with program. See Tuition for more information.


2.”When are the program fees due, and when is my application due?”
See Tuition for more information


3.”Do I need a visa? When should I apply for my visa?”
Visa are not required for Italy.


4.”Is there a GPA requirement?”
There is no GPA requirement, acceptance hinges on the strength of your portfolio.


5.”What are my housing options?”
Modern individual apartments are provided.


6.”Will other students participate in the program with me? How many?”
Enrollment is limited to 20 per semester.  A second semester will be added if needed.


7.”Do you offer credit for the program?”
No, however, Alt Studio is currently negotiating accreditation.


8.”What will the schedule be?”
Instruction will be given in afternoons on Mondays and morning and afternoon classes will be held on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.
Italian Cinema History screenings will take place on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.
Field Trips to explore Tuscany will take place on Fridays.


9.”Will it be only Americans?”
Alt Studio is an international program.


10.”I don’t speak Italian. Will that be a problem?”
Not being able to speak Italian will not be a problem.  Additional outside Italian language classes can be coordinated for students upon request. Please note that additional classes would not be included in the Alt Studio tuition.


11.”Are there financial aid options?”
Not at this time.


12.”Is there an age minimum?”
Students must be at least 18 years of age to apply.


13.”What equipment do I need, and what will be provided?”
See requirements in each class for equipment needs.